Feedback From Our Clients

“By certifying our entire healthcare practice through the CCC Certificate Program, we have taken steps to ensure that all team members are fluent in the most current regulatory policy and guidelines.  This enables us to stay on the same page with our clients’ review teams, reducing conflict and cost.  It also enables our company to continue to lead as an informed, efficient, vigilant client partner in healthcare communications.”

- Laura Schoen, President, Global Healthcare; Chair, Latin America - Weber Shandwick (IPP)

“Compliance is critically important to all pharmaceutical companies.  CCC’s concise e-Learning modules enable our entire commercial and medical teams to remain up to speed on fundamental regulatory requirements, even when they are busy, giving us peace of mind that we are on top of compliance matters. This is especially the case given we are a European-based company operating in the U.S. market.”

- Paula B., Head of Global Marketing, Cycle Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (United Kingdom)

"The SecureCHEK pilot helped us understand expectations on non-negotiable requirements. The pilot made it clear what parameters are applied by reviewers.  We see the value in an easy-to-use online check list to confirm the quality of our content before upload."

- Violet Aldaia, President, Daggerwing Health (Omnicom)

"When our CRO recommended CCC, we were quite impressed by their group of medical, regulatory, and legal reviewers.  They had both breadth and depth of experience which was greatly appreciated for our situation. Our launch timetable was extremely tight and CCC jumped right in helping to efficiently establish our SOPS for Promotional Review and then quickly yet thoroughly reviewing all the core promotional and sales training materials for launch, including working on weekends.  CCC’s flexibility, seasoned team members and nimble operational style was a great asset at launch and will continue to be a strength as our company expands."

- Frank Samarro, Director of Marketing, Noden Pharma USA Inc.

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