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White Papers

Optimizing MLR Efficiency Through CCC Technology

 Key Questions to Optimize Content Quality Globally

Enhancing Commercial Effectiveness in a Compliant Culture

To meet the needs of patients and to increase revenues and profitability in a compliant culture, companies must ensure that internal marketing and other commercial departments and promotional agencies are perfectly aligned with the company’s compliance goals.

Industry: Why Ask Agencies to Train and Certify with CCC

CCC sensitizes your promotional agencies and gets them on the same regulatory baseline.

Agencies: Why Train and Certify with CCC

Train and certify in promotional regulatory compliance to become a more compliant agency partner.


“With CCC, we can stay on the same page with our clients’ review teams, reducing conflict and cost as an informed, efficient, vigilant client partner.”

- Laura Schoen, President, Global Healthcare; Chair, Latin America | Weber Shandwick (an IPP Agency)

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