AI/Machine Learning (ML) Drives Pre-Submission Quality with a Dynamic Claims Library and Pre-Check Software

Pre-review success is inextricably linked to a Brand’s approved claims. Many clients may not have a robust library of global claims or are in the very early stages of building a viable Claims Library.

The agency creative process and campaign development are based on approved claims, which can rapidly become outdated. Newly approved claims are not typically captured in a ‘living’ Claims Library, once materials have been released in the market. The quality of submissions for review is directly linked to the quality of a company’s Claims Library. That’s why the need exists for a Claims Library that is accurate and always current.

There is also a need to increase the proportion of quality materials uploaded for review. Currently, 25% of time is lost to materials that contain unnecessary errors or non-negotiable, non-compliant claims. With promotional content increasing in volume and complexity, it is important to eliminate wasteful rewrites to save time and money. That’s why the need exists for Pre-check Software.

Announcing the Launch of SecureCHEK™AI

An AI/ML-powered business solution for enabling Marketing/Operations and agencies to upload submission-ready content into any promotional materials management software (e.g., Veeva PromoMats)

Dynamic, ever-growing
AI/ML library

Enables brands to maintain an accurate, up-to-date Claims Library for access by submitters


Pre-submission AI/ML software for quality checks

Enables submitters to pre-check content against current, accurate Claims Library

By combining a dynamic Claims Library and Pre-check Software powered by AI/ML, life sciences companies can:

  • Increase the proportion of submission-ready materials uploaded for review

  • Improve productivity and quality KPIs for promotional materials development

  • Support greater alignment among marketing, agencies and reviewers

SecureCHEK™AI is powered by proven AI/ML software for text analytics and content matching. The foundational software was pioneered in life sciences by CCC technology partner, Redshift, for hazard communications. Redshift’s goal over the past 20 years has been to efficiently generate accurate, complete, and compliant documentation. The company has populated over 100,000+ phrases and 1M+ documents. Redshift clients include Sanofi, Pfizer, Abbott, Abbvie, Zoetis, BMS, Novartis, and Genzyme.

There's no room for errors in hazard documentation!

SecureCHEK™AI accuracy for promotional material content is based on the same matching logic used in hazard documentation where, there is no room for error. All variants are reported with a validity score (i.e., how well it validates against the phrase library) which can be adjusted by the team. Matching detection confidence increases as more content is added to the library. Versioning logic is used to record iterations and the client can see what changes were made at any point. A rich knowledge base is necessary to build the processes for machine learning. The larger the phrase library, the greater the opportunity to be predictive in the future.



  1. CCC populates approved messages, warning letter findings, watch out words, other client requests into SecureChek™AI = authoritative repository of approved claims (Client Claims Library)
  2. Content originators launch software from desktop to compare new content to SecureChek™AI phrase library using matching/text analytics to highlight differences from client's phrase library in seconds
  3. Review proceeds as usual; authorized users upload newly approved phrases into SecureChek™AI

SecureChek™AI can be used by submitters throughout the product's lifecycle, including once documents are in the field and need to be adjusted (e.g., label change)


For 10+ years, CCC has shaped the industry’s understanding of why companies save time and money when they upload “clean, quality, submission-ready” materials for review. Our company has developed a set of tools, including but not limited to eLearning with certification tests and gaming (branded Learn+Confirm), pre-check software (branded SecureCHEK™) and change management consulting for internal business partnering and alignment around review efficiency (branded HBA-CCC Certificate Program).

To learn more, contact Ilyssa Levins, CCC president and founder