Announcing the Launch of SecureCHEK™AI

Engineered Specifically for Promotional Review to Pre-check Content


As promotional material content increases in volume and complexity, there is a growing need to increase the percentage of quality materials uploaded for review. Quality here is defined as “free from unnecessary errors or non-compliant claims.” Submission-ready content shortens review cycles, saving time and money (ROI Calculator).

Increase the percentage of materials approved or approved with changes


SecureCHEK™AI enables professionals in diverse functional roles to quickly upload draft materials (pre-submission) for instant quality checks against approved content in an ever-growing SecureCHEK™AI Library



Centralized (executed by Operational and/or Regulatory functions)

  1. Launch SecureCHEK™AI now populated with client-approved messages, watch out words
  2. Run materials submitted by agencies through SecureCHEK™AI; edit; submit for review
  3. Review proceeds as usual (e.g., within Veeva PromoMats ecosystem)

Decentralized (1st QC -> Agency; then Ops and/or Regulatory for 2nd QC or submission

The foundational software for SecureCHEK™AI is pioneered by CCC’s technology partner, Redshift, for hazard communications in life sciences. Redshift’s goal over the past 20 years has been to efficiently generate accurate, complete, and compliant documentation. It has populated over 100,000+ phrases and 1M+ documents. Clients include Sanofi, Pfizer, Abbott, AbbVie, Zoetis, BMS, Novartis, and Genzyme. As the phrase library grows, CCC can write predictive code for machine learning applications.

SecureCHEK™AI accuracy for promotional material content is based on the same matching logic used in hazard documentation where there is no room for error. All variants are reported with a validity score (i.e., how well it validates against the phrase library) which can be adjusted by the team. Matching detection confidence increases as more content is added to the library. A rich knowledge base is necessary to build the processes for machine learning.



How does SecureCHEK™ AI reduce repetitive errors?
The product utilizes business logic to highlight errors for action, including:

  • Deviations from approved text for claims

  • ISI and brief summary not matching approved language

  • Inaccuracies (i.e. numerical errors, omission of qualifiers as matched to the approved language)

  • Missing text from approved promotional claims (i.e. omission of required text from approved indication, failure to include dosing recommendations for special populations, etc.)

  • Spelling, typos and grammatical errors as matched to the approved language

  • Alerts to check whether appropriate references, annotations or disclaimers may be needed

How can we trust the accuracy?
SecureCHEK™ AI accuracy for promotional material content is based on the same matching logic used in hazard documentation where there is no room for error. All variants are reported with a validity score (i.e., how well it validates against the phrase library) which can be adjusted by the team. Variants from approved language are reported with a validity score in a percentage format which shows how well the new content validates against the SecureCHEK™ AI Library. Matching detection confidence increases as the knowledge base is enhanced.

What differentiates your solution from other available offerings?
SecureCHEK™ AI is specifically built by promotional review and commercial experts for promotional review. The technology can be used:

  • At the time agencies are creating their materials (e.g., run initial copy through the system)

  • By agencies or internal Operations prior to uploading content for the initial review

  • By agencies or internal Operations to confirm whether changes have correctly been applied

  • When labeling changes or other events affect promotional content once materials are in the field

Can the claims library be electronically populated? How would SecureCHEK™ AI pull in data from PromoMats Centralized Claims Library if the client houses its authoritative claims there?
AI can move content from one source assuming content is in the appropriate format.

What type of training is involved?
Minimal training is needed to execute the SecureCHEK™ AI pilot. Users will need to learn how to launch the system and upload new documents.

Does the software learn over time? How does the software utilize Machine Learning (ML)?
SecureCHEK™ AI is powered by text analytics and content matching. As the SecureCHEK™ AI Library grows, it becomes possible to uncover patterns and their impact on achieving key performance indicators. With these data, CCC can code for predictive modeling to optimize ML functionality.


Over the last10+ years, CCC company has developed a set of tools to address the statements below.

“I Wish”

  • Poor quality content was not uploaded for review

  • It was easier to onboard new members to the team with no history

  • Content requiring further discussion was identified before meetings

  • Our claims library would remain current

  • We could become less reactive and more proactive

CCC’s history of offerings can be found below, including: eLearning with certification tests and gaming (branded Learn+Confirm); pre-check software (branded SecureCHEK™); and change management consulting for internal business partnering and alignment (branded HBA-CCC Certificate Program).


To learn more, contact Ilyssa Levins, CCC president